Embark on a Trailblazing Patient Medication Journey with eSmart® Rx Digital Monograph

Empower patients with digital prescription insights, ditch paper hassles, and embrace accessible healthcare with a tap of their smartphones.

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Enhance Medication Adherence

Improve patient outcomes with features promoting timely medication adherence, fostering a healthier and more compliant patient community

Go Paperless, Streamline Workflow

Embrace a sustainable, paperless approach that is seamlessly integrated into your pharmacy's dispensing workflow

Amplify Profits with Integrated Solutions

Boost revenue by cutting paper costs and enhancing partner accessibility directly to patients

eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx

Embark on a transformative journey with eSmart® Rx Digital Monograph, revolutionizing your pharmacy operations and positively impacting patient care. Integrated seamlessly into your workflow, eSmart® Rx streamlines processes, reducing paper burdens and enhancing partner accessibility. Picture the joy your patients will feel—empowered with digital insights, informed decisions, and improved adherence. With eSmart Rx, your pharmacy becomes a beacon of efficiency and compassion, ensuring a winning formula for both your business and the well-being of those you serve. Welcome to a future where every prescription is transformed into a personalized, empowering healthcare journey.

eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx

"Tap Before You Take®"


Lead the way in crafting personalized patient journeys with eSmart® Rx.


eSmart® Rx Features

All Paper Monograph Info in Digital Form

Elevate patient care with seamless digitization and organization of paper monograph information, providing easy access to medication details with a quick tap of the phone.

*Real-time FDA Recall & Boxed Warnings

Keep your patients safe and informed with real-time recall alerts and boxed warnings, providing the latest safety information at their fingertips.

Video Summary of Medication

Enhance patient understanding with engaging video summaries, offering a visual overview of key medication details and usage, fostering better-informed decisions, enhanced safety and accessibility.

Middle School Reading Level

Promote health literacy and patient comprehension by delivering medication information at an 8th-grade reading level, empowering individuals with clear and accessible content.

*Multi-Language Support

Expand your reach and inclusivity by providing medication information in multiple languages, catering to diverse patient communities and fostering better communication.

Personalized Medication Insights

Strengthen patient-pharmacy relationships by delivering personalized medication insights, empowering individuals with tailored information for more informed and confident healthcare decisions.

*Available Q4 2024

Discover How Simple &
Powerful Patient Engagement Can Be!

Unlock the simple magic of eSmart® Rx in 3 easy steps!

Give each patient personalized attention on demand with eSmart® Rx.

1. Connect eSmart® to Your Prescription Data

Add eSmart® to your pharmacy software or connect with your PPE provider.

2. Add patient prescription to the eSmart® ecoSystem

Add the adhesive to the patient's medication packaging.

3. Patient taps on the

Patient taps their smart phone on the "E" to be personally informed and engaged on demand!

Benefit from
eSmart® Rx

Keep Patients Safe

By providing patients with one tap access to medication information such as side effects and drug interactions, you are the hero that keeps patients safe.

Connect with Patients AFTER Dispense

Whether at home, at the doctor's office or even at work, you can engage the patient right on their phone, anytime they tap their medication Engagement Point™.

Improve Health Literacy

Written and SPOKEN in simple language, large lettering, large pictures on one-tap buttons, and distinct categories of information, specific to the patient and their medication.

Increase Medication Adherence

Easily inform patients of the benefits of their medication and how following their medication therapy will keep them healthy while providing friendly refill reminders.

Help to Improve Star Rating

eSmart® Rx helps to increase medication adherence and reduce hospital readmissions.

Unlock the Future of Healthcare Engagement with eSmart® CARE Digital Hub

Keep patients Safe, Healthy & Connected® with the eSmart® CARE Digital Hub.

This innovative platform seamlessly connects healthcare providers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical brands to their patients, fostering a patient-centric approach. From delivering personalized medication insights with eSmart® Rx to streamlining communication through real-time engagement points, the Digital Hub transforms fragmented healthcare experiences into cohesive and impactful interactions. Join the future of healthcare engagement today.

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Lead the way in crafting personalized patient journeys with eSmart® Rx.

eSmart<sup>®</sup> security

Safe and Secure
with eSmart®

Ensuring the safety and security of your patients' and customers' data is of the utmost importance to us! Rest assured that all PII and PHI data is encrypted when not in use (in transit and at rest) and is HIPAA compliant.

Put your Revenue Into Overdrive

by partnering with Bio-Pharma, insurance and other providers, pharmacies, & brands for strategic content on your eSmart® CARE Digital Hub!

Join the

eSmart® CARE Digital Hub

Lead the Way in Patient Engagement with the entire eSmart® CARE Digital Hub

eSmart<sup>®</sup> CARE

Embark on a Revolutionary Healthcare Journey with eSmart® CARE Digital Hub

Discover streamlined workflows and personalized insights for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and brands to thrive in a future of efficiency and elevated patient satisfaction.

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"Tap Before You Take®"


Lead the way in crafting personalized patient journeys with eSmart® Rx.


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